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There are MANY options to choose from when it comes to purchasing a pre-owned vehicle in Southern California.... We at DNZ have the ethical standards that has earned us the reputation for being on the list of Top repair shops in the Newport/Mesa area, and the vehicles we acquire and prepare for resale are chosen and prepped with the same people and ethics. We prep every vehicle as if we will take our family in it on a cross-country road trip, of course having our own full service mechanic shop helps with this goal. In addition, being in the industry, our network of vendors like body shops, audio/video specialists, glass repair specialists, with whom we work with since 2010, help us achieve our goal!

Please check our reputation online yourself for your piece of mind when choosing DNZ Automotive for all your vehicle needs.

If you look closely at our inventory, most of our vehicles are enthusiast vehicles, that we do not rush to the market, we take our time in prepping our vehicles for sale, not because we are always busy, but because we have to make sure they will serve the new owner well.

With our extensive knowledge of the vehicles we have in our inventory, rest assured, you will be getting the best pre-owned vehicle that you are in the market for at Dnz Automotive, with full after sale support!

Don't hesitate to contact us for a consultation to find your next vehicle!

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