Timing Belt Replacement Service

Timing Belt Neglect could destroy your engine from the inside out.

Your vehicle could have a ticking time bomb underneath its hood.

So, Timing belts are a very simple part that can cause big problems if not taken care of.

Remember: Timing belt neglect isn’t an option… it’s an essential part of properly maintaining your vehicle.

Depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle, there’s a pretty good chance you have a timing belt. The belt connects the crankshaft to the camshaft pulleys. It effectively sets the mechanical heartbeat of the engine by operating the valves in extremely precise relation to the position of the crankshaft. Timing belts keep your engine ticking and need to be changed before they break.

This isn’t a part that will give a warning in the form of a wear indicator, check engine light or alarming noise before it fails. If your timing belt does fail, the only sound you’ll hear is your engine instantly shutting down and stopping your drive dead in its tracks. The inside of your engine has countless moving parts that spin, slide or reciprocate at thousands of revolutions per minute. All of these parts operate within an extremely close proximity to one another.

That said, timing belt neglect has the very real potential of destroying your vehicle’s engine.

Timing belt neglect can cause the timing belt to fail and snap, the camshaft(s) and valves will stop moving. This means that the pistons may contact valves, breaking them off inside the engine. Some engines simply cease to work and don’t wind up with internal damage- though most do.

If you’ve determined that your vehicle has a timing belt, be sure to have it changed ahead of its recommended service interval- which tends to be 70,000 mileage or less. Check with your owner’s manual to be sure- or consult your dealership or favorite mechanic.

If a timing belt is not changed on time it could wind up snapping and destroying your engine. Of course, preventing such nightmares from happening is simple- just stick to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Consequently, This will give you peace of mind and longer engine life.

Note that your particular vehicle may not have a timing belt at all.

So, Do all cars have a timing belt?

The answer is no, many modern cars have a timing chain instead. A timing chain is a maintenance-free unit and rarely need replacement. So, How do you know if a engine has a timing chain or belt? First, you can check your maintenance schedule or call us today.


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